Why AI Literacy in Newsrooms Matters (with Nikita Roy)
June 19, 2024
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Why AI Literacy in Newsrooms Matters (with Nikita Roy)

AI continues to shake up how news is created and consumed. Guest Nikita Roy, host of the Newsroom Robots podcast, talks with Jason Howell and Jeff Jarvis about the opportunities and challenges facing media companies.

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- Welcoming guest Nikita Roy, host of Newsroom Robots podcast

- Norway's media companies like Schibsted and iTromsø leading in AI adoption for journalism

- Lack of AI literacy and experimentation in North American newsrooms compared to Europe

- Concerns around using news content to train AI models (copyright, compensation)

- Potential for new interactive AI-powered news experiences beyond traditional articles

- Examples of startups/tools for data journalism, video creation, meeting transcription etc.

- Need for better data infrastructure and talent to build advanced AI systems in newsrooms

- Importance of AI literacy training for all newsroom roles, not just technical teams

- Collaboration vs litigation approach - contrasting Schibsted making its own LLM to NY Times lawsuit

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