The Value of Open Source AI
March 13, 2024
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The Value of Open Source AI

In this episode of AI Inside, Jeff Jarvis and Jason Howell explore the tempering of expectations around generative AI, the promise and concerns of open-sourcing models, and the unique ways AI is being leveraged in journalism, elderly care, and even digital recreations of deceased celebrities.


  • OpenAI's internal investigation into Sam Altman's ouster as he returns to the board
  • Google implementing safeguards restricting election-related information on its AI
  • Expectations around generative AI capabilities and impact being tamped down
  • Open-sourcing AI models and the debate around it
  • Elon Musk's vague promise to open-source "Grok"
  • The use of AI in journalism for analysis and data processing
  • Midjourney's new character reference feature for consistent image generation
  • AI-powered companion dolls for elderly companionship
  • AI application for bereavement assistance
  • Digital recreation of Marilyn Monroe's voice using AI

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