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AI Inside is a podcast that explores the complexities of artificial intelligence and its impact on the world at large. Hosted by veteran tech podcaster Jason Howell and media expert Jeff Jarvis, AI Inside takes a thoughtful look at the promise and challenges of AI. With a deep interest in the impacts AI can have on art and culture, Jason uses his rich experience in technology and creativity to better understand its capabilities. Jeff is a respected voice on technology's influence on media and society, thanks to his popular blog Buzzmachine and books like "Public Parts" and "The Gutenberg Parenthesis." Together, Jason and Jeff engage in thoughtful dialogue about AI, neither overhyping its potential nor dismissing public concerns about its development. With intelligence and nuance, AI Inside aims to advance public understanding of this world-changing technology at an important inflection point.

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Meet the team

Jason Howell draws on nearly 20 years of experience in the podcast industry. He currently co-hosts Android Faithful and owns Yellowgold Studios, producing technology podcasts and original music for licensing. Jason first stepped behind the microphone in 2006, producing Buzz Out Loud for CNET. His talents as both host and producer evolved as he went on to offer his insight into the evolution of some of the tech world's most popular podcasts, including This Week in Tech, This Week in Google, All About Android, and Tech News Weekly. With his deep background in podcasting and passion for explaining complex tech topics, Jason provides the perfect blend of expertise and accessibility needed to guide listeners through the complex world of technology and AI.

Jeff Jarvis brings a wealth of experience and insight into the complicated discussion surrounding artificial intelligence. Jeff is the creator of Buzzmachine.com, one of the web's most popular blogs on media and technology. He formerly led the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism and co-founded Entertainment Weekly magazine earlier in his career. Jeff has authored several influential books including "Public Parts" and "The Gutenberg Parenthesis," which examine the historical impact of technology on society. Throughout his work, Jeff has explored both the promises and perils of new innovations. Jeff's extensive background at the intersection of media and technology make him well-suited to co-host meaningful, engaging dialogues about AI's future.

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