The AI Chicken and Egg Problem
March 06, 2024
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The AI Chicken and Egg Problem

Jason Howell and Jeff Jarvis discuss Elon Musk's legal battle with OpenAI, Nvidia's CEO on making programming obsolete, calls for responsible AI innovation, and more!


  • Discussion about Elon Musk suing OpenAI for breaching contract over its stated mission of openness and building responsible AI
  • OpenAI releasing emails from Musk revealing his desire for control and more funding
  • Anthropic rolling out new versions of Claude LLM (Claude 3 Opus, Sonnet, Haiku)
  • Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang's statement on AI making programming unnecessary for everyone
  • Americans for Responsible AI Innovation launching and calls for regulation
  • Open letter from researchers for a "safe harbor" for independent AI evaluation
  • Trust in AI companies dropping according to Edelman report
  • Bad bots: Issues with Amazon's Rufus shopping bot and H&R Block's tax advice bot
  • Amazon's $1 billion industrial innovation fund for AI and robotics
  • Humanoid robot developments from companies like Figure and Magic Lab

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