How AI Fueled the ANOM Takedown (with Joseph Cox)
June 05, 2024
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How AI Fueled the ANOM Takedown (with Joseph Cox)

The FBI created a fake encrypted phone company called ANOM, targeting criminal organizations worldwide in an unprecedented honeypot operation. Joseph Cox, renowned cybersecurity journalist from 404media and author of "Dark Wire," reveals how artificial intelligence drove this groundbreaking investigation, enabling the FBI to monitor criminal communications and make arrests on a historic global scale like never before.

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  • Joseph Cox's new book "Dark Wire" details the FBI's unprecedented sting operation running an encrypted phone company used by criminals.
  • The role of AI in translating intercepted messages from different languages and detecting criminal content within the massive trove of 22 million messages.
  • The ethical implications and potential overreach of such a large-scale operation that swept up some non-criminal users.
  • The FBI developing its own AI system in-house, without help from tech companies, to analyze the intercepted data.
  • The broader trend of law enforcement increasingly adopting AI for tasks like automated report writing from body cam footage.
  • How the book and reporting on this story has shaped Joseph Cox's worldview and approach at his publication 404 Media.
  • Netflix optioning the rights to adapt "Dark Wire" into a movie.


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