Follow the Funding of AI Doom
February 07, 2024
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Follow the Funding of AI Doom

This week, Jason Howell and Jeff Jarvis welcome Dr. Nirit Weiss-Blatt, author of "The Techlash and Tech Crisis Communication" and the AI Panic newsletter, to discuss how some AI safety organizations use questionable surveys, messaging, and media influence to spread fears about artificial intelligence risks, backed by hundreds of millions in funding from groups with ties to Effective Altruism.


  • Introduction to guest Dr. Nirit Weiss-Blatt
  • Research on how media coverage of tech shifted from optimistic to pessimistic
  • AI doom predictions in media
  • AI researchers predicting human extinction
  • Criticism of annual AI Impacts survey
  • Role of organizations like MIRI, FLI, Open Philanthropy in funding AI safety research
  • Using fear to justify regulations
  • Need for balanced AI coverage
  • Potential for backlash against AI safety groups
  • With influence comes responsibility and scrutiny
  • The challenge of responsible AI exploration
  • Need to take concerns seriously and explore responsibly


  • Meta's AI teams are filled with female leadership
  • Meta embraces labeling of GenAI content
  • Google's AI Test Kitchen and image effects generator

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