AI Positive
AI InsideJanuary 24, 2024
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AI Positive

On the premiere episode of the AI Inside podcast, hosts Jeff Jarvis and Jason Howell discuss AI copyright issues with Common Crawl Foundation's Rich Skrenta regarding news outlets limiting access to content they publish publicly, impacting the integrity of Common Crawl's internet archive. In recent years, the archive has been used by LLMs as AI training data, and the implications of restricting information have a dramatic impact on the data quality that survives.


  • Introduction and background on AI Inside podcast
  • Discussion of the recent AI oversight Senate hearing Jeff testified at
  • Introduction of guest Rich Skrenta from Common Crawl Foundation
  • Overview of Common Crawl and its goals to archive the open web
  • Discussion of how Common Crawl data is used to train AI models
  • News publishers wanting content removed from Common Crawl
  • Debate around copyright, fair use, and AI’s “right to read”
  • Mechanics of how Common Crawl works and what it archives
  • Concerns about restricting AI access to data for training
  • Risk of regulatory capture and only big companies being able to use AI
  • Discussion of recent court ruling related to web scraping
  • Hopes for Common Crawl's growth and evolution


  • Interesting device announcement from CES - Rabbit R1 with Perplexity AI integration
  • Study on actual risk of AI automating jobs away in the near future

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