The Future of Voice Interaction (With Justin Uberti)
June 12, 2024
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The Future of Voice Interaction (With Justin Uberti)

Justin Uberti, creator of WebRTC and now Founder of, shares insights into the development of, a platform for engaging with AI personalities through voice, and the potential impact of conversational AI on various industries.

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- Introduction to Justin's background (WebRTC, Hangouts Video, Duo, Stadia)

- The shift towards conversational AI and voice interactions

- and - enabling voice conversations with AI characters

- Transitioning from text-based to voice-based AI interactions, potential use cases

- Creating AI characters, enabling role-play conversations

- Ethical considerations and voice cloning technology

- The nature of human conversation (filler words, turn-taking protocols)

- Incorporating human conversational quirks into AI speech

- V1 vs V2 voice technology (speech recognition - text - speech vs. direct speech-to-speech)

- Open-source speech AI model, leaderboard for fastest AI models (

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