AI Tools For Creators
April 17, 2024
59:2255.78 MB

AI Tools For Creators

Join Jason Howell as he chats with the founders of Augie and Revoldiv. These two AI tools are harnessing the power of AI to transform the video production and transcription process for creators and professionals.

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Interview with Jeremy Toeman, founder of AugX Labs, and Augie

  • Jeremy Toeman's background at CNET and the shift to video content
  • The inspiration behind creating Augie and AugX Labs
  • How Augie works and it's core functionality
  • Live demo of Augie's video creation capabilities
  • Challenges faced in developing AI tools like Augie
  • The future of AI-generated content and its implications
  • CODE: yellowgold for a free month of the premium tier!

Interview with Surafel Defar, founder of Revoldiv

  • Surafel's journey from software engineering to entrepreneurship
  • The origins and purpose of Revoldiv
  • Revoldiv's transcription capabilities and user interface
  • Unexpected use cases of Revoldiv
  • Balancing coding and business responsibilities as a founder
  • The importance of user feedback and adaptation in the AI field

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